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Phat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Trophy Wife 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Trophy Wife 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Ice Cream Cake 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Ice Cream Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Crumbled Lime 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Apple MAC 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Apple MAC 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Cookie Sherbert 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), MAC 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), MAC 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Golden Pineapple 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Super 91 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Strawberry Tart 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Triangle Kush 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Triangle Kush 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, MK Ultra 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Honey Biscuit 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Original Glue 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Bubba Smash 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Ghost OG 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll CBD, White Widow 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Apricot Moonshine 1gRedbird: Pre-roll, Apricot Moonshine 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Beef Cake 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Beef Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Cosmic Cherries 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Cosmic Cherries 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Mac 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Gelato 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Fresh Powder 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Cherry Cookies 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Cherry Cookies 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Tropicanna Garlic 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Jack & Jill 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Jack & Jill 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Banana 1g
Buddy Boy Farms: Pre-roll Blunt, GG #4 1g
Tilted: Pre-roll Blunt + Kief, Double Tap 1.2g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Banana OG 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Panda Cookies 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Panda Cookies 1g
Golden Tree: Pre-roll, Gelato Cake 0.5gGolden Tree: Pre-roll, Gelato Cake 0.5g
Buddy Boy Farms: Pre-roll Blunt, The Kraken 1gBuddy Boy Farms: Pre-roll Blunt, The Kraken 1g
Lifted: Pre-roll, Marshmallow Sugar Cookies 1g
Walden: Pre-roll + Kief, Kush Dream 0.5g
Walden: Pre-roll + Kief, Do-Si-Dos 0.5g

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