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Phat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Raspberry Dosido 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Sugar Rush 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Haterade 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Haterade 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Ex Wife 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Ex Wife 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Crumbled Lime 1g
GLW: Pre-roll, Gooey 1gGLW: Pre-roll, Gooey 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1g
Walden: Pre-roll + Kief, Strawberry Cough 0.5gWalden: Pre-roll + Kief, Strawberry Cough 0.5g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Platinum Punch 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Super 91 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Dosi Pop 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Cherry Pie 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Kush Cream Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Lust 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Purple Monster Kush 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Purple Monster Kush 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Triangle Kush 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Triangle Kush 1g
GLW: Pre-roll, Silvertip 1gGLW: Pre-roll, Silvertip 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), MAC 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), MAC 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-Roll, 12th Man Down 1gPhat Panda: Pre-Roll, 12th Man Down 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Grape Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Pineapple Mintz 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Pineapple Mintz 1g
Lifted: Pre-roll, Sunset Sherbet 1gLifted: Pre-roll, Sunset Sherbet 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, Tropicanna Garlic 1g
Redbird: Pre-roll, MK Ultra 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Beef Cake 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Beef Cake 1g
Walden: Pre-roll + Kief, Blueberry Diesel 0.5gWalden: Pre-roll + Kief, Blueberry Diesel 0.5g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Cosmic Cherries 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Cosmic Cherries 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Apple Snax 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Apple Snax 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Golden Pineapple 1g
Lifted: Pre-roll, Marshmallow Sugar Cookies 1g
House of Cultivar: Pre-roll, Gushers 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Gelato 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Apple MAC 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll (Platinum), Apple MAC 1g
Golden Tree: Pre-roll, Pineapple Express 0.5gGolden Tree: Pre-roll, Pineapple Express 0.5g

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