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GLW: Pre-roll, Cherry Cream Pie #2 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, OG Chem 1g
GLW: Pre-roll, Citrus Dream 1gGLW: Pre-roll, Citrus Dream 1g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Tangie 5gEagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Tangie 5g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Jack Herer 1g
EXO: Pre-roll 2-Pack, Sour Tangie 1g
EXO: Pre-roll 2-Pack, Cookies & Cream 1g
Juicy Joint: Pre-roll + Kief/Oil, Grape 0.8gJuicy Joint: Pre-roll + Kief/Oil, Grape 0.8g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll PLAT, Haterade 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll PLAT, Haterade 1g
GLW: Pre-roll, Gooey 1gGLW: Pre-roll, Gooey 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll, Granddaddy Purple 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, GMOPhat Panda: Pre-roll, GMO
Bondi Farms: Pre-roll 2-Pack, Candyland 1gBondi Farms: Pre-roll 2-Pack, Candyland 1g
Kelso Kreeper: Pre-roll 4-Pack, Rose Water #5 2gKelso Kreeper: Pre-roll 4-Pack, Rose Water #5 2g
2727: Pre-roll 5-pack, Grapefruit 5g2727: Pre-roll 5-pack, Grapefruit 5g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Blueberry Trainwreck 5gEagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Blueberry Trainwreck 5g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Birthday Cake 5gEagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Birthday Cake 5g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll PLAT, Mail Order Bride 1gPhat Panda: Pre-roll PLAT, Mail Order Bride 1g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Super 91 1g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Presidential Kush 5g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Cookies and Cream 5g
Kiona: Pre-roll 8-Pack CBD, Harlequin 4gKiona: Pre-roll 8-Pack CBD, Harlequin 4g
EXO: Pre-roll 2-Pack, Gandalf 1g
Harmony Farms: Pre-roll Blunt 2-Pack, Mango 2gHarmony Farms: Pre-roll Blunt 2-Pack, Mango 2g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Lemon OG 5gEagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Lemon OG 5g
Eagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Bruce Banner 5gEagle: Pre-roll 10-Pack, Bruce Banner 5g
Kiona: Pre-roll 8-Pack, Grimmdica 4gKiona: Pre-roll 8-Pack, Grimmdica 4g
Cowlitz Gold: Pre-roll, Agent Orange 1g
2727: Pre-roll 5-Pack, Venom 5g2727: Pre-roll 5-Pack, Venom 5g
Paris Cannabis: Pre-roll 2-Pack, Biscotti 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll PLAT, Grape Cream Cake 1g
Phat Panda: Pre-roll, Sugar Beary 1g
Kiona: Pre-roll 2-Pack CBD, Harlequin 1gKiona: Pre-roll 2-Pack CBD, Harlequin 1g

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